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Bill Nelson Formula Predator Bait
Aged bobcat meat with the Nelson solution with a Hansen twist.

Iowa Thunder
Iowa Thunder is a souped up predator bait from Nelson's formula. It is a strong bait that can be used by itself or with a shot of urine. Use a good tablespoon size gob down in a deep hole.

Kick Ass Predator Bait
A horse meat base loaded with extra glands and goodies. This bait will be a mainstay in your coyote and fox arsenal.

Showtime Predator Bait
Recommended for foxes and coyotes, Keg Creek's own Showtime Predator Bait is a very unique blend of predator call ingredients making them really dig and work the set. There's nothing like it.

For all Predator Baits, use a golf ball size gob at the set.

Predator Bait Solution
Available in pint containers.