For the DPs

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** Works Best With Dog Proof Traps **

No mess, no freeze coon bait that the coon find irresistible.
Made especially for dog proof traps but can be used for any type of coon trapping.  Thousands of coon to it's name. Coon Crunch works all year long.

Recommended Usage:  Ten to fifteen pellets inside of the trap. Always keep bait under the trigger when using traps with a two way trigger.  Using recommended quantities, each cup of Coon Crunch will be enough for up to 30 dog proof traps or box traps.  Each jar of Coon Crunch contains 32 ounces (4 cups) of bait.  Coon Crunch is also available in a four gallon bag.  **Coon Crunch contains nut products.

Coon Crunch (Regular)

Regular Coon Crunch features an intense, sweet, and loud
smell in a pelletized bait.  

Coon Crunch (Bite Me)    

Bite Me features a super blend of coon calling pelletized bait that will keep the copycats guessing.

Coon Crunch Powder   

This is the same powder that is used in making Coon Crunch.  One pint will make one gallon of bait.  A half gallon of powder will make five gallons of bait.  This is available in pints or half gallons.

Wired Powder (Regular)

High Voltage Powder (Bite Me)