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Genuine Logwood Crystal Dye
This is the purest form of logwood crystals.  The dye will remove light rust and turns traps a blue/black color.  Available in one pound bags.  There is nothing like it out there.

Heavy Steel Screen
The Ultimate Trap Pan Cover
Heavy galvanized steel screen. This is the same screen as before but not black coated.
This screen improves trap catch area and cover holding ability. No other screen compares to this.

A paper cutter works well for trimming all of the trap pan covers.

Jake traps cut 5 ½” X 5 ½” Trim corners off.
Victor-Montgomery traps 3’s and 4’s cut 6” X 6” Trim corners off.
Bridger 3's traps cut 6 1/4” X 6” Trim corners off.

Notch for dogs and triggers.

I do not recommend this screen for 550s and #2 size traps.

Screen will be available in bundles of one dozen precut and five dozen precut pieces. The screen will be precut at approximately  6" W X 6" L.

Pre-cut to 6" W X 6" L
Available in 1 dozen and 5 dozen pieces.

99.7% Pure Glycerine.  Use for adding to bait as an antifreeze.  Available in pints, 1/2 gallons and gallons. 

Unclean Sheep Wool 
Use as a natural scent holder and for eye appeal.   Available in one gallon bags

Sodium Benzoate
Use for a bait preservative.  Available in 16 oz containers.