Choose from our wide variety of water animal lures. 
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Ambermusk Mink Lure
Bill Nelson's favorite mink lure. I personally used it last year with eye opening results in cold weather. Give this lure a try and you will also be amazed at it's calling power in a pocket set.

Invisible Mink Lure
Bud Hall's pet mink lure as given to me from Bud Hall, while taking mink lessons from him.

Bill Nelson's most deadly muskrat lure.  Thousands upon thousands of muskrats to it's credit.  Works well on woodchucks also.  Use 6 to 8 drops per set.

Otter Lure  
One of Bill Nelson's great lures.  Really puts the hammer on the otter.  Also, good for catching bobcats.  Limited supply.

Silver Creek Beaver Lure
A heavy, castor based lure.  Holds up in all weather conditions.  Really makes the territorial instincts come out.

Silver Creek Beaver Lure II
One on Keg Creek's favorite lures.  A different blend of ingredients.  Will pile up the flat tails.

Use a pea size amount of lure in pocket or on a lure applicator.