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1-11 Decoy     
Heavy duty coyote catching medicine.  One of Nelson's great coyote lures.  It will really get the coyotes digging.  Also, many timber wolves to it's credit.

Algonquin A-1
Bill Nelson's all around fox and coyote lure.

Coyote Gland Lure
Contains well aged coyote glands made in the Hansen style. Works all year long.

Fox Gland Lure
Well aged fox glands, which makes for a good foxy odor.

LDC (Long Distance Call)
Features skunk with other calling ingredients that make it second to none.

One of Bill Nelson's favorite fox and coyote lures. It is heavy on the gland and works great all year long. Use a bean size gob on a flat set or on the back of a hole.

Magnum Force
A lure that will catch fox, coyotes and bobcats.  Works good as a late season coon lure.  Keg Creek's own recipe.

A very unique blend of predator calling ingredients. When the weather is cold out it is a very thick, pastey lure. Well over 800 coyotes caught in the first year of it's use. Punisher will catch Fox, Bobcats as well as coyotes.

Rusty Cage  
An early season coyote lure.  Works great in warm conditions.  Works great for bobcat and Fox.  Coyote gland free.

Sierra Call   
One of Bill Nelson's early to middle season fox and coyote lures.  Works great in buckets for coon in late season.

Slayer is a great, late season lure but will work early as well. Slayer works super on flat sets or on back of dirt hole. It has a great territorial response and milling effect. 
Works on coyotes and fox.

One of my own lures.  This is a SUPER curiosity lure.  It is thick and sticky and can handle all types of weather, it will last for days at your set.

Super Call
Ron Hansen's favorite coyote and fox Lure. Great for late season.

Super 21
Ron Hansen's favorite coyote and fox lures for fox and coyotes.  Great for late season.

Wolfers Pac     
One of Bill Nelson's great fox and coyote lures.  Works good in a flat set.

For all lures use a lima bean size smear of lure at each set.