Choose from our wide variety of bobcat lures.  
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Big River Cat Lure
A totally different cat lure that works the food and curiosity instinct of a bobcat. This lure will add spots to your line. A great change up lure for your predator line.
Available in 4 oz and pints.

Bobcat Gland Lure
A super catty and thick gland lure.

Cat Pac
SOON TO BE A BEST SELLER….A new Keg Creek bobcat lure that has a strong, lingering smell that keeps the cat working your set. Cat Pac has been tested from the mountains to the flatlands with great results.

Cat Rub    
One of Nelson's better cat lures.  Place lure up high to keep cat's head up.

Pacific Call
A great Bill Nelson cat lure, good for dirt holes, walk throughs and rubs.  Appeals to all of the cat's senses.  

Pacific Call Plus
Same as Pacific Call but with real catnip added

Sierra Call
One of Bill Nelson's late season fox and coyote lures. Also a great change up for bobcats. Works great in buckets for coon in late season.

Silver Creek Cat Call
A unique blend of cat calling ingredients that triggers the senses of the bobcat.

Who Do Cat Lure
KCB&L's own real cat killer!  A blend of cat calling ingredients, a strong, minty smell.

For all lures, use a nickel size smear of lure at each set.